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Print only desired pages of a work spool file

This tip shows you a trick to print only desired pages of a work spool file.

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It is sometimes the simple tricks that we programmers forget. This tip can save reams of paper when you only need a few pages from a WRKSPLF member.

From the WRKSPLF display, enter a '2' in the 'OPT'ions column, and press the F10 key for additional information. Page down to the next page and in the "Page range to print:" section, enter the "Starting page" number and "Ending page" number that you wish to print. Only these pages will print, and the WRKSPLF member will remain in the list.


  • You must make sure save(*yes) is on or the spool file will be deleted after printing selected pages. The iSeries 400 does warn you when you change the page range. — Lori Nesje
  • This does not work if the printer is Ethernet attached. This only works on direct-attached printers. — Vada Jewell


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This was last published in December 2001

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