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Print file descriptions revisited

Here you'll find a command, CL program and RPGLE program combined.

A command, CL program and RPGLE program combined to print a more readable layout for file descriptions, including...

key information when present. My tip is similar to a previous tip to print file descriptions. But I like the output from this one a little better. My program gets the key description(s) for keyed files, computes the end positions and prints a text description of the file.

Command Prtfd: Print File Description.

   /* ************************************************************* */      
   /* PRTFD   PRINT AN EXTERNAL FILE DESCRIPITON LIST                     */         
   /* ************************************************************* */      
             CMD        PROMPT('Print File Field Description')              
             PARM       KWD(FIL) TYPE(Q1) MIN(1) PROMPT('File Name')        
 Q1:         QUAL       TYPE(*NAME) LEN(10)                                 
                QUAL       TYPE(*NAME) LEN(10) DFT(*LIBL) +                    
                          SPCVAL((*LIBL) (*CURLIB *CURLIB)) +               

Cl Program Prtfdclp

           PGM        PARM(&FNAME)                                     
           DCL        VAR(&FNAME) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(20)                  
           DCL        VAR(&FNAMENM) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(10)                
           DCL        VAR(&FNAMELB) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(10)                
           DCL        VAR(&SWS) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(8)                     
           CHGVAR     VAR(&FNAMENM) VALUE(%SST(&FNAME 1 10))           
           CHGVAR     VAR(&FNAMELB) VALUE(%SST(&FNAME 11 10))          
           /* GET FILE FIELD INFORMATION  */                           
           /* GET ACCESS PATH INFO, KEY INFORMATION */                 
           DSPFD      FILE(&FNAMELB/&FNAMENM) TYPE(*ACCPTH) +          
                        OUTPUT(*OUTFILE) OUTFILE(QTEMP/FILEDES1)       
           /* GET ACCESS PATH INFO, KEY INFORMATION */                 
           DSPFD      FILE(&FNAMELB/&FNAMENM) TYPE(*BASATR) +          
                        OUTPUT(*OUTFILE) OUTFILE(QTEMP/FILEDES2)       
           CALL       PGM(PRTFDRPG)                                    

RPG400 program:

     FFILEDESC  IF   E             DISK
     FFILEDES1  IF   E             DISK    USROPN
     FFILEDES2  IF   E             DISK    USROPN
     FLIST      O    F  132        PRINTER OFLIND(*INOF)
     D                 DS
     D first                   1      1N
      *   get text description for fil
     C                   OPEN      FILEDES2
     C                   READ      FILEDES2                               46    *EOF?
     C     *IN47         DOWEQ     '0'
     C                   READ      FILEDESC                               47    *EOF?
     c     *IN47         IFEQ      *OFF
      * check for first heading output
     c                   IF        not First
     C                   MOVE      '1'           *IN04
     C                   EXCEPT    HEAD
     C                   MOVE      '0'           *IN04
     c                   move      *on           First
     C                   ENDIF
      * Compute end position
     C     WHIBO         ADD       WHFLDB        WKEND             5 0
     C                   SUB       1             WKEND
     C                   EXCEPT    DETAIL
     C                   ENDIF
     C                   ENDDO                                                   DOW 47 EQ 0
      * give total for fields
     C                   EXCEPT    FLDEND
      * now get key information if keyed file
     C                   OPEN      FILEDES1
     C     *IN48         DOWEQ     '0'
     C                   READ      FILEDES1                               48    *EOF?
     c     *IN48         IFEQ      *OFF
     C     *IN49         IFEQ      '0'
     C                   EXCEPT    KEYHED
     C                   MOVE      '1'           *IN49
     C                   ENDIF
     C                   EXCEPT    KEYINF
     C                   READ      FILEDES1                               48    *EOF?
     C                   ENDIF
     C                   ENDDO                                                   DOW 48 EQ 0
     c                   CLOSE     FILEDES2
     C                   CLOSE     FILEDES1
     C     END           TAG
     C                   MOVE      '1'           *INLR
     C                   RETURN
     CSR   *inzsr        begsr
     C                   TIME                    TIME              6 0
     c                   endsr
     OLIST      E    04      HEAD           1 01
     O         OR    OF
     O                                           08 'SYR010'
     O                                           69 'FILE FIELD DESCRIPTIONS'
     O                       UDATE         Y     94
     O                       TIME               103 '  :  :  '
     O                                          124 'PAGE'
     O                       PAGE               129
     O          E    04      HEAD           2
     O         OR    OF
     O                                           13 'SYSTEM NAME:'
     O                       APSYSN              23
     O          E    04      HEAD           1
     O         OR    OF
     O                                           10 'LIBRARY:'
     O                       WHLIB               22
     O                                           28 'FILE:'
     O                       WHFILE              40
     O                                           46 'TYPE:'
     O                       WHFTYP              48
     O                                           55 'DESC:'
     O                       ATTXT              106
     O          E    04      HEAD        2  1
     O         OR    OF
     O                                           05 'FIELD'
     O                                           17 'FROM'
     O                                           25 'TO'
     O                                           35 'LENGTH'
     O                                           40 'DEC'
     O                                           47 'TYPE'
     O                                           69 'DESCRIPTION'
     O          E    04      HEAD           2
     O         OR    OF
     O                                           24 '------------------------'
     O                                           48 '------------------------'
     O                                           72 '------------------------'
     O                                           96 '------------------------'
     O          EF           DETAIL         1
     O                       WHFLDE              10
     O                       WHIBO         4     17
     O                       WKEND         4     25
     O                       WHFLDB        4     35
     O                       WHFLDP        4     40
     O                       WHFLDT              45
     O                       WHFTXT            + 10
     O          EF           FLDEND      2
     O                                           30 'TOTAL RECORD LENGTH:'
     O                       WHRLEN        4     35
     O          EF           KEYHED      2
     O                                           21 'KEY FIELD INFORMATION'
     O          EF           KEYHED      1  1
     O                                            5 'FIELD'
     O                                           24 'A/D  SIGN  ZD'
     O          E            KEYHED         2
     O                                           24 '------------------------'
     O                                           48 '------------------------'
     O                                           72 '------------------------'
     O                                           96 '------------------------'
     O          EF           KEYINF      1
     O                       APKEYF              10
     O                       APKSEQ            +  2
     O                       APKSIN            +  5
     O                       APKZD             +  4

Note: You will have to run the dspfd and dspffd commands in order for the compile of the RPGLE program to work. These commands will put the files in Qtemp to use as external file descriptions.

This was last published in July 2002

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