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Power-charged spool file utility

The spool file utility provided by this search400 member can be used for modifying, copying and reprinting.

I have developed this spool for performing various operations with spool file. All of the missing features a programmer...

always wanted but were not in IBM command CPYSPLF have been included in CPYSPLFIL.

This spool file utility can be used for Modifying/Copying/Reprinting. It also include Page Range Copy feature which is an additional parameter to the command.

Here are the programs to help you do this:

Program...... CPYSPLFIL - Copy Spool File to TEXT File

SPLFG4CL - Program to copy spool file to text

OUTFILE - Retrieve Information to Outfile

OUTFILEP - Program to Retrieve information to a OutFile

SPLFG1WP - Workfile to store Spool file Info

SPLFG4RP - Copy Spool File for Editing

SPLFG4WP - Workfile to store Spool file Info

SPLFGIWP - Workfile to store Spool file Info

SPLFGOWP - Workfile to store Spool file Info

SPLFX4RP - Print Spool File by Printer Control Char.

Workfile to store Spool file without control characters

This was last published in May 2001

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