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Paste from the keyboard in Client Access

Tired of "mousing" around Client Access? Try this tip to get keyboard functionality.

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Ever since we started using Client Access, I've been troubled by the lack of copy and paste from the keyboard. I just hated grabbing my mouse and clicking those boxes. We tried changing the keyboard map, but there was no copy or paste function. I even tried making macros to do it, but even the macros don't know what copy and paste are.

Then it dawned on me that the function was right under my nose the whole time. Go to the keyboard map and map the functions called edit-copy and edit paste to Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V. Ta-da! It's a simple solution that everyone should know.


  • I too struggled until I learned how to set up the Ctl-X (cut),C (copy), P (paste). All the other emulation packages I have used up to this time had these standard functions already defined. Why not CA? — Bob Young
  • Client Access *does* have copy and paste from the keyboard. As in any Windows program, you can access the pull down menus from the keyboard by pressing the Alt key and the letter in the menu name that is underlined. In Client Access, the "E" in "Edit" is underlined, so Alt-E pulls down the Edit menu. Then all you have to do is press "C" for "Copy" or "P" for "Paste" (again, the relevant letter is underlined). — Thea Goldsby

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