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Options for accepting or declining rescheduled meetings

An ITKE member was seeking an option for accepting rescheduled meetings. Thankfully, fellow iSeries gurus jumped in on the tread to help out. Here's a portion of the conversation.

An ITKnowledge Exchange (ITKE) member was seeking an option for accepting or declining rescheduled meetings, and fellow iSeries gurus jumped in on the conversation and helped out. Here is a portion of the conversation. Read the rest of the thread here.

" Atonty" asked:
I have a problem with some users whereby a single instance of a repeating meeting is rescheduled, a notice is sent to the invitee, but he has no option to accept or decline the meeting and it is subsequently not moved in his calendar. The common denominator appears to be the use of delegated authorities on either/or both the chairman and invitee's calendar.

Notes clients 5.0.11/5.0.12
Domino Server 6.0.1 (CF3) on IBM iSeries running OS400 5.2

" Brian Mahoney" responded:
I have recently run into the same problem with a user who had automatic processing turned on. If there was already a meeting scheduled for the time period, the new invitation was rejected and the message had no options for processing. We changed the settings so there was no auto processing of invitations.

" Insightful" responded:
The delivery options may be the problem. Since I can't place a graphic here, go into your calendar and set up a meeting. Click on the delivery options button. You will see the options checked to prevent the recipient from responding. The chairperson sets this for each meeting when it is sent. That would be the source of the problem. We are in Notes 6.0.2 cf1

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