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Object management

Most of the time, when you want to move your fix to production immediately you may not be able to do so, because you have fixed a common program that is being used currently by many users. Either you have to wait till end of the day, or you have to request all the users to exit from that program / option. Most of the time coordination is a big task. But here is a simple solution. When you are ready to move your fix to production,

1.  Rename the fixed program. Eg. TESTLIB/PGMA to TESTLIB/PGMNEW
2.  Move the renamed program to production library  
3.  Rename the original program in the production to some thing else. 
Example:  PRODLIB/PGMA to PRODLIB/PGMOLD (Here the wonderful OS/400 
does its 'magical' work. The rename takes effect in the call stack 
of all active jobs where the program is being used.)
4.  Immediately rename your new program to its original name. 

All the users invoking the program after your move will use the new version of the program. All users currently using that program will not have any impact and when they invoke that program again they will get the new version. Next day, or when you get time you can remove the old version of the program from the production library. Since OS/400 does not lock the program objects you can use this solution for programs. But this solution will not work for files.

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