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OV/400 warning: You may use it and not even know it

This article by Peter Martin is an excerpt from the Nov. 6, 2000, Insider Weekly for AS/400 Managers. It is provided courtesy of The 400 Group.

The days are ticking away for IBM support of OfficeVision/400, and the big warning IBM wants to pass along is that you may be using it unbeknownst to you. Support ends May 31, 2001.

"I've seen many customers who have integrated it so tightly into their applications they don't recognize they're using it," says Deni Wilson, senior product marketing manager of migration at Lotus.

Wilson recommends that customers run the command WRKLICINF PRODID (product id 5769 WP1) and take Option 5 to tell you how many total users and APIs there are. This will also show you the peak number of OV users. (Version 3 users run product id 5763 WP1.)

If you find that you're using OV/400, Wilson says to obtain IBM Redbook How to Replace OfficeVision/400 in your Applications, SG24-5406, or OV/400 Migration in 6 Easy Steps, SC34-3153-00. For businesses with little money and few resources to spend on an OV/400 transition, Wilson says OV/400 Migration in 6 Easy Steps is a good, step-by-step resource. If your transition requires more complexity, there are over 200 Business Partners available to help.

Two OV/400 footnotes:

Footnote 1: If you're hoping IBM will extend support for OV/400, forget it. Wilson says. "It's set in stone" that IBM will not move the date. With over 4.5 million lines of code integrated into OS/400, OV/400 is simply too expensive for continued support, she says.

Footnote 2: OV/400 won't run on V5R1. It will continue to run on releases V4R5 and lower (with no IBM problem support), says Wilson. See for more details.


From Steven Donnellan:
This Office Vision tip is useful, but you might want to consider using option '6' to release the licenses, wait a month, and find out how many users are still currently using Office rather than just those who have used Office since your last OS upgrade.

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