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New i5/OS features announced as anticipation mounts

In light of the recent enhancements to i5/OS V6R1, including new RPG functionalities, we've put together a brief retrospective of i5 news and tips.

At System i Developer's RPG & DB2 summit in Minneapolis last week, IBM worldwide product line manager for WDS, WDSc and RPG compilers discussed enhancements to RPG for i5/OS V6R1. New enhancements include support for local files in subprocedures. By defining an F-spec after beginning a subprocedure, that file becomes local to the subprocedure.

IBM will also increase size limits for character fields, data structures and arrays from 32K to 16MB to better accommodate applications that handle oftentimes large XML documents.

Current RPG serialized threads are prone to bottlenecking when used in a server environment. According to Farr, RPG IV will have full support for multiple threads in V6R1. System i Developer claims that multithread support positions RPG business logic to be easily called from the Web without risk of corrupting data. Additionally, developers retain the option of selecting specific procedures to be serialized.

Other planned enhancements include the ability to define a file as Qualified to alleviate the need to repeatedly rename formats, and the ability to reduce module size by automatically locating and deleting unreferenced variables.

In anticipation of V6, we put together a brief retrospective of i5 news and tips.

i5 versions, releases and upgrades
iSociety chat about i5/OS V6R1
Every once in a while, iSociety, a MySpace-like site for System i fans, holds online "fireside" chats. A recent chat focused on i5/OS V6R1, the newest iteration of the System i5/OS operating system.

IBM keeps V5R4 release date under wraps
Despite leaking some details about new functions in the forthcoming i5/OS operating system, IBM is keeping its mouth shut when it comes to announcing when it will happen. Speculation in this report has the release date pegged for early 2006, possibly before some important iSeries events in February.

IBM forges new ground with next gen iSeries, V5R3
The first Power5 iSeries servers make their debut along with a new version of OS/400 - and they both get new names.

Gartner analyzes i5/OS
Gartner's Mary Hubley tackles the new release of i5/OS, offering an overview of the platform and a candid look at the iSeries' viability.

IBM unveils new Power5 eServer i5 550
The latest edition to Big Blue's Power5 family boasts new systems management and virtualization features. An analyst says it provides flexible upgrade options for midsize businesses.

iSeries, pSeries merge complete
IBM's announcement of the eServer p5 and enhancements to the eServer i5 completes IBM's strategy to converge technologies, meaning competitive choices, performance and pricing.

i5 pricing option mirrors IBM on-demand strategy
Users looking to run multiple operating systems on their i5 server now have greater flexibility in purchasing. But will it end up costing them more in the long run?

i5 compatibility
i5/OS and Microsoft Office Integration Handbook
Become familiar with ODBC and Query terminology while explaining how to install Query. Practical examples show you how to create, save, and use queries, how to join tables, and how to us filtering, grouping, totaling, and sorting.

iSeries upgrades embrace Windows
As part of a major revamp of the iSeries -- which includes a name change to the System i5 -- IBM is making it easier to integrate the iSeries platform with Windows.

Lakeview's MIMIX high availability solutions support i5/OS V5R3 and eServer i5
Infrastructure software company Lakeview Technology announced its High Availability software solutions support IBM's next release of OS/400 called i5/OS V5R3 and the IBM eServer i5, the first iSeries system to be powered by the highly anticipated POWER5 microprocessors.

Is V5R3 needed to use Linux SUSE or RedHat?
Advantages of OS/400 (i5/OS) over Linux... Would you believe me if I were to say I don't have enough time or space to list them all here?

Zend releases V5R3-compatible version of Zend Core
Zend has released a new version of Zend Core for i5/OS, its PHP development software, that is compatible with i5/OS V5R3.

Oracle certification issues on the i5
The Oracle certification matrix is a guessing game, according to one System i user I recently talked to who would like to run all his Oracle software on the same hardware and software platform.

i5/OS on other platforms?
Would you buy a System i blade?

The future of System/36 and System/38 compilers
Since the January refresh of the i5/OS platform and the Power5+ System i5 machines, IBM's statement of direction at the end of certain announcements has caused some anxiety among many OS/400 shops. Specifically, that compilers created for the System/36/38 predecessors are on the way out.

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