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Morning check for the system

As a system administrator, one should make sure each morning that things went OK at night and that system is ready to go for this day. So I wrote a simple CLP, which I even attached as my sysreq program. I called the CLP "GM" from Good morning, Each morning upon arrival I run this program, which shows me what I want to know in one shot.

If you want to add this program to be called by one touch on the keyboard, then change your user profile to reflect that by:

chgusrprf usrprf(yourusrprof) atnpgm(yourlib/GM) where GM is the name of this program.

After that you press the system attention (sysreq) key, this will call your program.

This program will show you all types of system status so you can have a real idea of what happened thru the night and prepare you for the new day.

PGM:        PGM
WSS:        WRKSYSSTS  /* to see disk space % */

WAJ:        WRKACTJOB  /* see active jopbs and sbs */
WRKPRB:     WRKPRB     /* to check if there are any problems */

CTLSTATUS:  WRKCFGSTS  CFGTYPE(*CTL) CFGD(yy*) /* chk ctl appc over +
                         tcp */
            WRKCFGSTS  CFGTYPE(*CTL) CFGD(xx*) /* chk ctl xx status */

CHECKPRT:   WRKWTR     /* TO SEE IF Printers are started     */
WRKSPLFILE: WRKSPLF    /* see any spool files for clean up or print */

/* here I display the backup status of last night, by looking at the report prepared by LXI tape management application, so in this place you can add your own version of looking at last nights backup.            */


/* You can add any CL command which shows you any status of any activity you need to see. */ 

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