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Message handling in RPG

This tip provides advice on message handling in RPG to help you avoid terminating a program or job.

When a RPG/RPGLE program abends and waits on the QSYSOPR message queue for a reply, please think before typing...

the reply. The possible reply values are C - for cancel, D for Dump, F - for RPG formatted Dump and G - *GETIN. The *GETIN reply will skip the processing of the current input file operation and proceed to the first input file operation in the program. You can use this to avoid resubmitting a job only if one disk file is used in the job's program where the current record is skipped and the next record is processed. This could be used for any RPG run time errors that is caused by bad data. This will be the best way to handle messages without affecting any of the other jobs in a batch cycle.


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