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Managing Without Walls -- Chapter 7

Transform a group of individuals working independently to achieve their own goals into a team working collaboratively to achieve the team's goals.

As a registered member of, you're entitled to a complimentary copy of Chapter 7 of Managing Without Walls written by Colleen Garton and Kevin Wegryn and published by MC Press. This chapter, Virtual Teamwork , will help you to transform a group of individuals working independently to achieve their own goals into a team working collaboratively to achieve the team's goals.

Managing Without Walls

Book description:

Worldwide, companies like yours are rapidly adopting a new business model: the virtual office, where team members use technology to break down geographic boundaries and collaborate on projects from around the globe. New ways of doing business require fresh new approaches to management, and this is particularly true when managing IT resources that may be located almost anywhere...from Baltimore to Bangalore. Managing Without Walls shows managers like you how to leverage the virtual business model for maximum effectiveness. With it, you'll learn special techniques for being successful at managing, coaching, and developing team members in this new and exciting, but challenging, environment.

Many managers and team members still try to cling to traditional management processes, often with limited success. Researchers tell us that 80% of human communication is non-verbal, but this valuable "face time" is lost in a virtual team setting. Therefore, managers must learn to both manage and communicate differently. This book demonstrates why traditional methods fall short in this new paradigm and offers effective alternatives. The authors discuss at length the management and communication issues you'll face. They then explain how to conquer those issues and share proven methods to handle virtual teams. With this practical advice, aspiring as well as existing virtual managers will acquire the skills and tools they need to be successful in today's new business reality.

Managing Without Walls shows not only the "how" and "what" but also the "why" of managing virtual teams. You'll learn tips and solutions that can be applied immediately. Soon you'll be optimizing the effectiveness of your teams…no matter where they are.

With Managing Without Walls, you will:

  • Understand the differences between traditional, hybrid, and virtual teams…and the keys to successfully managing each kind
  • Learn the secrets of hiring team members who will thrive in a virtual team setting
  • Discover how to design the most effective processes for managing your team
  • Acquire the know-how to manage high-risk situations and catastrophic events, even when you're not there
  • Find a comprehensive appendix full of tools to help implement all that you've learned
  • Contents:

    Chapter 1: Virtual Management
    Chapter 2: The Virtual Manager
    Chapter 3: Creating and Managing the Virtual Team
    Chapter 4: Managing Global Teams
    Chapter 5: Outsourcing
    Chapter 6: Time Management
    Chapter 7: Virtual Teamwork
    Chapter 8: Team Processes and Procedures
    Chapter 9: Virtual Communication
    Chapter 10: Virtual Politics
    Chapter 11: Managing Conflict
    Chapter 12: Virtual Management of High-Risk and Catastrophic Events
    Chapter 13: Virtual Management and Communication Tools
    Chapter 14: Virtual Leadership
    Appendix A: Virtual Skill Set Checklists
    Appendix B: Reports and Documentation
    Appendix C: Case Study

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