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Make a Physical File work like a Data Queue

An EOFDLY parameter exists in the OVRDBF command.

A little know capability exists in the i-Series data management capabilities. In the OVRDBF command, an EOFDLY parameter exists. This parameter specifies the number of seconds of delay before trying to read additional records when end of file is reached. This delay is used to allow other jobs an opportunity to add records to the file, and have the new records processed without having to start the job again. When the delay time ends, the job is made active, and data management determines whether any new records were added. If no new records were added, the job waits for another time delay without informing the application program. When a number of seconds is given, no end of file occurs on the given database file until an End Job (ENDJOB) command or forced end of data (FEOD) occurs.


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