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Main storage (RAM) -- How much do you have?

Determine how much main storage (RAM) you have.

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Are you trying to determine how much main storage (RAM) you have? This is very easy to determine when you know where to look.

On a command line: STRSST

Select 1 Start a Service Tool
Select 7 Hardware Service Manager
Select 2 Logical Hardware Resources
Select 3 Main Storage Resources

Add everything listed under 'size' to determine the total amount of main storage.


  • There is an easier way to determine the amount of main storage on your AS/400 or iSeries than what was presented in this tip. Just do WRKSHRPOOL and the main storage is displayed at the top; no need to do any adding! & ; Lisa Dehkes
  • The tip described here requires you to add up all numbers to get the total amount of main storage (RAM) An easier way to get this is the command 'WRKSHRPOOL' this will show you the total amount of main storage already added up for you. — Nico Beekhuijs
  • WRKSHRPOOL - This command shows you how the pools are allocated as well as give you a total. — Erick Jenkins
  • If you have no calculator handy try. WRKSHRPOOL -- Enter. You will see the following: Work with Shared Pools
    Main storage size (M).:4096.00MB. — Rick McDermott


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