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Login access when QINTER subsystem is down

This tip provides the ability to log in to the system when the QINTER subsystem is down, such as for system maintenance.

On your workstation, use the configuration menu of Client Access to add a workstation id to the PC5250 configuration screen on your workstation. You can reach this screen by going to programs>client access>emulator>start or configure session

Then add the same workstation id entry to the QCTL sbsd on the AS/400. This is done using the command addwse and prompting (F4) to complete the information.

You will now log directly into the QCTL subsystem when you log in to the system -- even if QINTER is down.

This is also a useful tool for the programming staff when they need to do maintenance on a live application without any users on the system. Simply shutdown QINTER, and they still have access to a live application and/or system.

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