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Logical files in different library than physical files

Here's a simple way to list logical files in a different library rather than its associated physical file.

Here's a simple way to list logical files where the logical are in a different library than its associated physical file.

File QSYS/QADBFDEP contains a current cross reference of all file dependencies between physical and logical files.

Other "interesting" files of a similar nature also exist in QSYS. Do WRKOBJ QSYS/QADB* *FILE for a complete list.

Must have *ALLOBJ authority because file QADBFDEP is shipped with *PUBLIC *EXCLUDE.

Note that the list that comes up will likely include some QADB* files that exist in QSYS have LF in library QSYS2 and possibly other libraries as well.

OS/400 treats these files as system domain and does not allow user updates to the files. Do not create your own logicals over any of these physicals at the risk of causing IPL or system recovery problems.

These files have been available on the since about V3R1.

This is an ad hoc SQL statement to run from an Interactive SQL Session (Command is STRSQL)

Select * from qadbfdep
Where DBflib <> DBfldp
Order by DBfldp, DBffdp


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