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Limit access to data by time

USe a view to to see data during a specific time of day.

Recently we received an inquiry from our users asking if there was a way to grant access to a table for a specific period of time. They only wanted their users to see data during a specific time of day. While a grant won't provide the solution, a view will. We created the view using DDL similar to the following. Their users were then granted access to the view. A simple solution to a rather odd request. It has been tested on DB2 UDB v7 on z/OS.

 CREATE VIEW      TIME_EMP                    
(EMP_NBR , EMP_NM , DEPT_NBR , JOB_CD )              
 FROM EMP                                    
 WHERE CURRENT TIME BETWEEN '11.00.00' AND '11.35.00'

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