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Jump into session

This tip tells you how to save time and key strokes by jumping to the specific session you need.

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Save time and key strokes by jumping to the specific session you need. This is similar to the "Jump Next Active" tip recently submitted, but I assign session A to Alt-1, session B to Alt-2, session C to Alt-3, etc. Depending on the project, (in some projects I have had 5 or more sessions running) I usually setup session A as my programming session, such as SEU; session B for viewing, such as looking at data; session C might be the EDI menu or some other part of the project. Than, I just press Alt and the session number I want. This allows me to jump between sessions without having to scroll thru them all and will even bring them up if they are minimized.

In Client Access, bring up the keyboard mapping function (click on the Map button in the toolbar). Click on the key you want for session A (I use number 1 in the keyboard top row). Then, under "Select a Key-Action" "Function", select "Jump to Session A"; under "Change Current Actions for Selected Key" select which combination of keys you want to use for jumping, if you select "Base" you will lose the actual character for that key, I use "Alt". Repeat these steps for each session you want to map, note that you will have to save the map after each setting, Client Access will prompt you to save or you can press "Alt-F", than "S".


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  • The tip to map the keyboard to toggle between sessions is good, but I thought everyone knew that. Been doing it for years. There is another way, avoiding scrolling. It isn't as good or convenient, though. Just click on "Window" at the top of the screen. Then click "Jump" on the dropdown menu. A menu with all of your other active sessions will give you the opportunity to click on any session you want and "jump" directly to it. — James Forrest

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