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Java for RPG Programmers, Second Edition

For an RPG programmer, learning Java can be daunting. This book can help you master that skill.

Java for RPG Programmers, Second Edition
Published by IBM Press

Java is here to stay. As the roles of Java in business and e-business applications continue to grow, all iSeries and AS/400 IT professionals have a choice to make. Learn Java, or get left behind. If you are a programmer who wants to stay on the cutting edge of your career, you will have to learn Java, and you will have to use Java. If you are a development manager, you will need to understand Java and its promise. If you are an architect, it is even more important to know Java and know when and where to use it. Or not use it.

IBM is not abandoning RPG, but more and more Java is finding a role in leading-edge applications. For an RPG programmer, learning Java can be daunting, but with the right help, it's a skill that can be mastered. This book offers that help. It gently yet comprehensively walks you through the Java language and core Java-supplied functionality. Best of all, you will learn Java by comparing it to RPG.

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