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JDBC: Database programming with J2EE

A complimentary copy of Chapter 1 from "JDBC: Database Programming with J2EE" by Art Taylor.

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Programming with J2EE written by Art Taylor and published by Prentice Hall PTR. This chapter focuses on JDBC design, how Java works with relational databases, the JDBC API and more.

Download and read Chapter 1 here.

JDBC: Database Programming with J2EE

Book description

JDBC gives Java developers the power to database-enable virtually any application, on virtually any platform, using virtually any database. In this book, leading JDBC expert Art Taylor combines an expert JDBC tutorial and a definitive API reference that provides thorough and detailed coverage of the new JDBC 3.0 standard. Taylor brings together code examples, design patterns, and expert programming techniques for J2EE programming. Code examples include Web development, GUI programming with Swing, servlets, JSPs, EJBs, and RMI.

Coverage includes:

  • Web database development capabilities leveraging JavaServer Pages and servlets
  • Database access using Enterprise JavaBeans components
  • Creating a GUI-based database browser using Swing
  • JDBC 3.0 support for scrollable cursors, batch updates, and connection pooling
  • DataSource lookup using JNDI
  • Using Blobs with JDBC
  • Dynamic SQL using JDBC database metadata

Click here to read Chapter 1 now. If you would like to buy the book, you may do so in our online bookstore.

About the publisher

As the world's leading publisher of academic and reference textbooks, Prentice Hall is committed to providing the most innovative, flexible, and powerful educational materials available today. Visit them at

This was last published in July 2003

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