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Initialize date/time fields w/o C-specs

This tip shows you how to initialize date/time fields w/o C-specs.

RPG IV allows you to initialize a date/time/timestamp field to the current system date/time. Using *JOB in place of *SYS on the INZ() keyword causes the date field to be initialized to the date value from the job (in short using *DATE). INZ(*JOB) is not valid with time and timestamp fields.


D SysDate         	   S               D    DATFMT(*ISO) INZ(*SYS)
D SysTime         	   S               T    DATFMT(*HMS) INZ(*SYS)

The block of code above is the same as doing using the bock of code below.

D      DS          INZ                  
D sysdattim 14  0                      
D  sysdate   8  0  OVERLAY(sysdattim:7)
D  systime   6  0  OVERLAY(sysdattim:1)
C  TIME     SysDatTim     


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