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Information Security Best Practices: 205 Basic Rules

This chapter addresses best practices for setting up security within operating systems.

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Best Practices - 205 Basic Rules written by George L. Stefanek and published by the Morgan Kaufmann division of Elsevier. This chapter, "Operating System Security Rules," addresses best practices for setting up security within operating systems. Authentication, file protection, virus checking, file sharing, network software and security logging are discussed.

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Information Security Best Practices - 205 Basic Rules

Book description:
Protecting computer networks and their client computers against attacks is a growing concern for organizations and their information technology managers. This book draws upon the author's years of experience in computer security to describe a set of over 200 "rules" designed to enhance the security of a computer network (and its data) and to allow quick detection of an attack and development of effective defensive responses to attacks.

Both novice and experienced network administrators will find this book an essential part of their professional "tool kit." It is also essential reading for a corporate or organization manager who needs a solid understanding of the issues involved in computer security.

This book presents a simple set of rules important in maintaining good information security. These rules or best practices are intended to be a recipe for setting up network and information security. This manual will take the mystery out of configuring an information security solution and provide a framework that the novice as well as experienced network administrator can follow and adapt to their network and data environment.

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About the Publisher:
Elsevier has become the undisputed market leader in the publication and dissemination of literature covering the broad spectrum of scientific endeavors. Working with the world's most respected scientists and researchers, Elsevier has set a high standard for quality. Visit Elsevier online at


This was last published in October 2003

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