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Increase productivity using REXX

REXX is available on all AS/400 models and it is a very valuable tool. Besides being a powerful programming language, it can be used as a scripting language to run AS/400 commands. Anything inside single quotes is considered to be an AS/400 native command, and is passed to the AS/400 for execution. To create a REXX script, use SEU to create a source member (preferably in QREXSRC) with type REXX. REXX scripts are not compiled, but executed straight from the source. This makes it possible to create REXX procedures "on the fly", I occasionally create REXX procedures from query. To run the script, either use option 16 from PDM, or the STRREXPRC command. Below is an example of an ad hoc script. If you study it a bit, you may find an excellent alternative to CLP.

 /* Comments like CLP */                               
'clrpfm shalom/xyz'               
'runqry shalom/pgmtoxyz.1'        
'runqry shalom/cvtxyz'            
'cpyf shalom/ interfaces/xxord12 mbropt(*add) fmtopt(*map *drop)'

/* to split a line, use comma (,) */
  'TOUSRID((MMSHK S5555555))' 

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