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Improved QCMDEXC in RPG IV

This tip walks you through issuing a command in RPGIV.

In RPG IV, to issue a command, you can use code like this. There's no need to figure out the length of the command before issuing it.

(Good luck with the code formatting...)

 		* Prototype of QCMDEXC
D RunSysCmd       PR                  EXTPGM('QCMDEXC')      
D   cmd                        200A   OPTIONS(*VARSIZE) CONST
D   cmdlen                      15P 5 CONST                  

 * Issue the Command
C                   EVAL      CmdData = 'WRKACTJOB'            
C                   CALLP(E)  RunSysCmd(CmdData: %size(CmdData))       
C                   IF        %Error = *On                             
C                   EVAL      DspData = 'WRKACTJOB failed'          
C     DspData      DSPLY                                             
C                   ENDIF     

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