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Implementing AS/400 Security, 4th Edition

Learn how to evaluate the risks to your information assets and the threats to your system.

Implementing AS/400 Security, 4th Edition
Authors: Carol Woodbury, Wayne Madden

In today's networked world, security is crucial. As e-business sweeps the enterprise, effectively protecting data can mean the difference between secure businesses that can build and maintain trustworthy relationships with customers and business partners and those with vulnerable systems that are subject to catastrophes, both natural or malicious. Implementing AS/400 Security, Fourth Edition, explains how to evaluate the risks to your information assets and the threats to your system; covers new V4R5 security features; discusses designing and implementing AS/400 security step by step; provides new and expanded coverage of network, communications, and Internet security; helps you evaluate security requirements for the objects on your system and build role authorization models; explains how to audit objects, authorities, system values, and events to make sure your security remains effective; and includes an expanded and updated security implementation example.

For years, AS/400 professionals have depended on earlier editions of this book to learn and implement essential security concepts. Whether you're just starting out or have been charged with updating AS/400 security to support your enterprise as it expanded its use of the Internet, this book is a must-have resource.

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