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Identify interactive job using CPU UTILIZATION window in OpsNav

Follow these simple steps to quickly identify problem jobs.

First, configure Operations Navigator:
In Windows, open up an OpsNav window.

After configuring your management system, open up Management central and select monitors. That gives you the IBM Sample CPU monitor. Right click on this, and select "new based on?" from your menu. Next, tick off "CPU Utilization(interactivejobs)". Change the name in the top box, and click OK. That gives you your graph window. Click on start (the green triangle) and then "ADD" the AS/400 you wish to manage. You will now have started your CPU UTILIZATION window in graph format and can set your thresholds by right clicking on a square on the graph. Once your thresholds are set, you can left click on the latest square to your far right, which will open up a bar graph of CPU UTILIZATION.

To identify an interactive job consuming most CPU, simply click on the top bar and it will reveal the user job and number of the culprit. This can be left permanently on, on your desktop, enabling you to identify a problem job in seconds. And it is much quicker than using green screen and will monitor for you in the background.

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