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ILE Scan and replace

ILE Scan and replace. Correct spelling or replace any character or characters in a long string. I found it useful...

for correcting data in flat files. (Can easily be converted to a module by adding prototype D specs an adding it to your service program and binding directory.)

*================================================================== D String_field s 80
D From_String s 80
D To_String s 80
D Length s 2 0
D P s 2 0


* FROM and TO strings must be equal in length
C *entry Plist
C Parm String_field
C Parm From_String
C Parm To_String
C Parm Length
* Loop is for multiple occurances within same string and
* may not be needed
C dou p = *zeros
C EVAL p =
* Once string is found C
IF p <> *zeros
C EVAL %SUBST(String_field:p:Length)
C = %Trim(To_string)
C Eval *inlr = *on


This was last published in April 2001

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