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How to FTP a physical file via iSeries modem

So you want to transfer a file from your iSeries to a remote machine. One way to accomplish that is to FTP the physical file using a Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) connection.

So you want to transfer a file from your iSeries to remote machine. One way to accomplish that is to FTP the physical file using a Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) connection.

Probably the easiest way to create your PPP line is to use iSeries Navigator. Once you select your system, select network and then remote access services. At the bottom of your screen you will see a section called remote access services tasks. Under that heading you will see an icon/wizard that will help you create your PPP line. I loosely call that a wizard because although it walks you through some steps, on most tasks you have to pick the tab and enter the information.

Tim Granatir

Once your PPP line is created, you can start and end the connection by using the STRTCPPTP and ENDTCPPTP commands. You can also do it through Operations Navigator.

Once you have a successful connection, then you have an active IP connection between your iSeries and the remote machine. Not only can you use FTP, but you can also use Telnet, PING and other IP functions.

Your PPP connection has its own user names and passwords, which are both case-sensitive. This has no relationship to any iSeries user name or password; its only purpose is to verify that the user dialing in is allowed to make a PPP connection. The default on the PPP line startup is to log errors only. If you do get an error, you should see a spool file on an OUTQ with the same name as your PPP connection. That will hopefully help explain what is going wrong.

If you still need help setting up a PPP line, read the IBM Knowledge Base article "PPP Dial Configuration for R510 Operations Navigator." It takes you through some of the screen shots of how to setup a PPP line.

For additional help, go to the IBM Knowledge Base Web site and search for PPP connection.

About the author: Tim is vice president of Technical Services at Interlink Technologies in Maumee, Ohio, where he serves as chief architect for their warehouse management system. He has worked in the banking, insurance, healthcare and distribution industries in various positions, including programmer/analyst, systems analyst and DP manager. Tim has worked on IBM midrange platforms since 1983.


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