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Hot-swapping a job's USRPRF

Learn how to change the job's user profile in "mid-flight"

Have you ever been in the situation where you suddenly realize that you're signed on under the wrong user profile and you don't have the necessary authorities to do something about it? I guess you could sign off and then sign on again....or you could use the API's QSYGETPH, QSYRLSPH and QWTSETP to change the job's user profile in "mid-flight." Each job has a Profile Handle generated for it by the system, which is used for security checking. These API's let you generate a new one, release an existing one and set the new handle for the job.

Here's the code for commands OVRPRF, DLTOVRPRF and DLTOVRPRFX, and the related CLLE programs.

Click here to view the code


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