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Highlight source files from your keyboard

Highlighting source code with 5250 display attributes can improve readability and help to focus one's attention on what is going on in the program.�Most programmers are unaware that code may be highlighted without using a purchased or homegrown utlity.�While these are useful (I wrote one of the latter for myself), the highlighting effect can be extended by embedding display attributes directly from your keyboard.�Using the CA/400 Customize Keyboard function, which may be accessed via menu option Assist | Keyboard Setup... | Customize, or the toolbar button (if enabled), you can assign values of "apl xx" (don't include the quotes) to any valid key combination, where "xx" is a hexadecimal value.� The complete set of valid 5250 display attribute codes are shown below.

When highlighting a source member, remember to place the attibutes into an area of the source line that will not cause a syntax or compile-time error, such as columns ont to five of any RPG specification.

Code: 20 Green
21 Green RI
22 White
23 White RI
24 Green UL
25 Green RI UL
26 White UL
27 Non-display
28 Red
29 Red RI
2A Red BL
2B Red BL RI
2C Red UL
2D Red RI UL
2E Red BL UL
2F Non-display
30 Turq CS
31 Turq CS RI
32 Yellow CS
33 Yellow CS RI
34 Turq CS UL
35 Turq CS RI UL
36 Yellow CS UL
37 Non-display
38 Pink
39 Pink RI
3A Blue
3B Blue RI
3C Pink UL
3D Pink RI UL
3E Blue UL
3F Non-display

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