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Hidden feature of WRKACTJOB display exposed

Do you know about the hidden feature of the Work with Active Jobs (WRKACTJOB) display?

One somewhat hidden feature of the Work with Active Jobs (WRKACTJOB)display is that it can be sorted in any number...

of ways. The easiest way to sort the display is to position the cursor over a WRKACTJOB column heading and press F16. For example, placing the cursor over the "CPU %" column and pressing F16 will sort all the jobs by percentage of the CPU used.

You can also call WRKACTJOB and specify a value for the SEQ parameter, which specifies in which sequence the jobs are displayed. The possible SEQ parameter values and short descriptions are shown below:

Parameter  Description
*SBS       subsystem (default) 
*JOB       job name
*TYPE      job type and job name within the same type
*POOL      system pool 
*PTY       priority 
*CPU       processing time used since the job started
*INT       number of operator interactions
*RSP       average response time
*AUXIO     auxiliary storage I/O operations
*CPUPCT    percent of CPU resource used
*USER      user name 
*FUNCTION  function field
*STS       status field
*NUMBER    job number
*THREADS   number of active threads

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