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Have better control of your libraries

This tip gives you a few pointers on how to have better control of your libraries.

My problem is that developer teams create lots of libraries for test. Some libraries they want to keep and others they simply forget to delete. Then I have to ask which libraries I can delete when I need to clean the disk.

I tried to create a rule that forced developers to fill in the time to keep the library in the library description (TEXT), but it didn't work. They simply forget. I did create an alternate CRTLIB (SCRTLIB) command with special parameters:

-Don't eliminate before ...
-or, number of days to maintain ...

These parameters are recorded in a file (library control file) when the command is executed and are deleted when the command SDLTLIB is executed. Now, what I have to do is a SELECT in library control files to know what libraries I can delete.

Click here to see the code.


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