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Gracefully ending a program at ENDJOB or ENDSBS


When you are writing a program, acting as a long running loop in a subsystem, and you want to give it a normal...

end in case of an ENDJOB or ENDSBS (with *CNTRLD option), you can use RTVJOBA ENDSTS(&ENDSTS) at the beginning of the loop. This bit is set to zero under normal conditions and gets a value of 1 when the job is ending controlled. Be sure to set the length of the loop to about 25 seconds or less to be able to do normal end of job processing.

 Pgm /*Runs forever*/
Dcl Var(&ESTS) Type(*CHAR) Len(1)
Loop: Rtvjoba ENDSTS(&ESTS)
  If Cond(&ESTS *Eq '1') Then(Return)
  Dlyjob Dly(25)
  .... Do your stuff .... 
Goto Cmdlbl(Loop)
This was last published in June 2001

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