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Getting a 'hung' printer to print

Don't throw that printer! Check out this tip to see how to get it up and running again.

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Have you ever had a printer that appears to start OK, but it just won't print? The spool file may go to PND or WTR, you have varied off and on the device, stopped and restarted the writer, but still, nothing prints. If that is the case, end the writer and call QSPFIXUP. Once this program finishes, restart the writer and your spool files will begin to print again.


  • The program QSPFIXUP is only to check the so-called flags of all the spooled files in your system. So it does not solve printer problems. We had the following problem with an IPDS printer (actually a HP4050 printer): For every active IPDS printer there are two jobs running in subsystem QSPL, but we had only one job. It was not possible to end or start the writer, and the job could not be stopped through the endjob command. It was not possible to vary off the device as well.

    After consulting IBM we were advised to call a program called QSPENDWA with the printername as parameter (CALL QSPENDWA ). This will end the writer on a micro code level. Normally you end the writer on OS/400 level.

    -- Kees van Leeuwen


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