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Get a lot of punch from DSPOBJD *ALL/*ALL *ALL

Check out this tip to get thee most out of DSPOBJD *ALL/*ALL *ALL.

I have a job schedule entry that automatically runs a "DSPOBJD *ALL/*ALL *ALL OUTPUT(*OUTFILE) OUTFILE(yourlib/DSPOBJD)".

I have it run every Friday and the file DSPOBJD takes up about 35 meg on my system. Which isn't bad considering how many uses I get from it.

Sometimes I have a need to check an objects history about five seconds after I have changed it. It might be to see who recompiled a program last, or when a program was last run or accessed, or when a file was changed before today. On occasion I have had a program blow because it can't find an object. I can check the DSPOBJD file to see if the object existed last Friday at the time I regenerated the file.

You can also use it to query or sequel all objects on the system to search the object's text. Something like "select * from dspobjd where odobtx like "%Census%".

I also have a DSPOBJD query that sorts the objects by size in descending order and calculates the total percentage of system a particular objects uses. It looks something like this:

        Object   PCNT   Library     Object      Object    Object Text description                        
        Size                                      Type    Attr                                          
 1,032,687,616   3.52   QSPL        Q04079N005  *FILE     PF     Spool Data Base File                    
   745,529,344   2.54   QSPL        Q04079N001  *FILE     PF     Spool Data Base File                    
   702,778,880   2.39   QDOC        QGZS531676  *DOC                                                      
   664,100,864   2.26   QSPL        Q04079N002  *FILE     PF     Spool Data Base File                    
   597,782,528   2.04   QSPL        Q04079N003  *FILE     PF     Spool Data Base File                    
   541,114,368   1.84   ATEDTA      H50MD       *FILE     PF     Contributions History               
   533,913,600   1.82   QSPL        Q04079N004  *FILE     PF     Spool Data Base File                   
   508,997,632   1.73   JOURNAL     DAILY4204   *JRNRCV          Daily Journal Receiver                  
   485,527,552   1.65   LYNCHLIB    H50MD       *FILE     PF     Contributions History 
   411,267,072   1.40   CONSTLIB    ELIG003     *JRNRCV          Hour Bank Elig Journal        
   293,752,832   1.00   QSYS        Q13F9C0003  *JRNRCV          Security auditing jrn             
   290,516,992    .99   CLAIMSDTA   H20CLMMH    *FILE     PF38   Medical History File
   245,857,728    .84   QSPL        Q00512N001  *FILE     PF     Spool Data Base File 
   221,331,456    .75   CLAIMSDTA   H22CLMMH    *FILE     PF     Medical ist
   210,464,768    .72   CLAIMSDTA   CLMSJR0005  *JRNRCV          Claims journal                    
   209,874,944    .71   ASIGPL      ADDRES1041  *JRNRCV                                                       
   171,003,904    .58   CLAIMSDTA   H44CLMMH    *FILE     PF     Medical History File                    

end of tip. 

I do have a formatted word document. If you want it, you can e-mail me.

Click here to view Cory's query definition.


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