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Get IFS contents in a text file

This user shows you how to use the STRQSH command to open a Unix Shell Window in the iSeries 400.

With the STRQSH command we open a Unix Shell Window in the iSeries (Thanks to Albert Herranz.)

Unix commands can retrieve the information:

ls -l /home/gpt/docs > /tmp/dir_docs.txt

You do the same without shell:

STRQSH CMD('ls -l /home/gpt/docs > /tmp/dir_docs.txt')

You can process the output with the WRKLNK command and view it with the 5 option.

If you download it by FTP to process in the PC, you need a Unix text file editor, like the free SynEdit.

STRQSH CMD('ls -l /home/gpt/docs > /tmp/dir_docs.txt')

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