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Generating reorg statements for all tables

Generate reorg statements for all tables at once with this DB2 command.

Our production tables often need to be reorganized because they have been modified so many times that the data...

is fragmented and access performance is slow. We reorganize in off-peak hours since all database operations should be closed and we have to release all locks before invoking the reorg. In order to generate the reorg statements for all the tables at once -- as a batch process that will execute at night -- this command is very useful. It has been tested on version 7.1, fixpack 5.

For a database with, for example, 500 tables for a particular user we can generate the reorg statements using the command:

export to C:reorg.sql of del 
select 'REORG TABLE CDSWEB.' || tabname || ' USE ' || TBSPACE  || ' & '
from syscat.tables
where tabschema = 'OWNER_NAME' and type = 'T';

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Just replace the quotes with a blank and "&" with a semicolon and run the file by connecting to the required database.

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