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Force vary off locked device

Learn an alternate method to get a device varied off.

To get a device varied off, normally you would run VRYCFG CFGOBJ(DEVNAME) CFGTYPE(*DEV) STATUS(*OFF)to get the...

device varied off. However, there are times that the VRYCFG option to get the device varied off does not effectively work, because it can't obtain a lock on the device.

There is another parameter within the VRYCFG command that could be specified to assist in removing the lock from the device. By using the FRCVRYOFF parameter with the VRYCFG command and specifying *LOCK for that parameter it will: For devices other than APPC and Intra, an attempt will be made to get a lock on the device description no matter what its current status might be. If the lock is successfully obtained, it will be transferred to the system job assigned to hold the device description lock when the device is in a varied off state. If the device is in a state other than varied off, an attempt to vary off the device description will also be made.

This feature has saved us from the situation of having to IPL the system to free up a device many times.


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