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Exploring IBM e-Business Software

This chapter focuses on three areas of e-business.

As a registered member of, you're entitled to a complimentary copy of Chapter 1 of Exploring IBM e-Business Software written by Casey Young and published by Maximum Press. This chapter focuses on three areas of e-business: a working definition of e-business and some of its components, a discussion of IBM's strategies for e-business, and a discussion of the more common elements, such as XML, that are components of most e-business solutions.

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Exploring IBM e-Business Software

Book description:
If you need to stay current with IBM's wide-ranging e-business software tools, this book (and the companion "members-only" Web site) is for you. Exploring IBM e-Business Software tells you everything you need to know to evaluate, select, integrate and manage IBM's e-business software products in small, medium or large business environments.

This book provides a detailed look at IBM's overall e-business architecture and how the various IBM software products fit into the e-business structure. Here you will find information on key IBM e-business platforms, development tools, application server software, network security solutions, systems management software and more.

Important product families covered include WebSphere, DB2, IMS, MQSeries, and Tivoli Systems Management. The easy-to-read discussions will help you distinguish between two or more IBM software products that appear to serve the same purpose but really have different applications.

Included with the book is a password necessary for accessing the companion Web site, which provides up-to-the-minute e-business software news, expanded information, and other helpful online marketing resources.

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