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Easy way to save ALL spool files

Do you want to save, or archive spool files all in one command. SAVALLSPLF? No! COPYPRT (remember?) One useful command IBM forgot to give us is one to save all spool files in one shot. IBM warns us that saving the whole system doesn't really save everything, and it even tells you that it doesn't save your spool files, yet still no new command is being created for us. So, use COPYPRT (Test ahead for backing and restoring spool files using any IPDS, overlays, or other APDS resources, as these were not all there when COPYPRT was invented. Make sure that it saves enough of the spool file attributes so that you can reprint with no problems.

To copy all spool files, make sure you are signed on with sufficient security level to affect all spool files. You can start the S/36 environment (STRS36) and issue the command COPYPRT, or you can make use of the following AS/400 commands:

To copy all spool files to file QS36F/SP010505:


To display and optionally print any of the saved spool files: STRS36PRC PRC(COPYPRT) PARM('NOCOPY,SP010505')

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