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Easy code copying -- without CODE400

Try this method of copying code to make your life a little easier.

If the source code we want to copy consists of a few short lines, copying would be so easy. If the source code...

consists of several lines (and some lines can be lengthy), it's not so easy to copy. We've came up with a way to make the process a little easier all the way around.

The first major step is to transfer those several lines of code you want to copy into an iSeries source member. Once this is done, the only thing you may have to worry about is the proper column placement. If you're lucky enough, the codes will be stored into the correct format. If you're not, don't lose hope, SEU can handle this with ease.

So, when I want to copy a program source, here is what I usually do:

1. Copy the whole program source to the clipboard, paste into notepad, and save it to a PC folder.

2. Send the file to the iSeries host using Client Access.

  • In the Data Transfer To iSeries screen, specify the PC filename, iSeries System, and Library/File(Member)
  • Go to the iSeries File Details screen. Uncheck the 'Use PC file description' checkbox and select 'Yes, create member' from the 'Create iSeries object' dropdown list. You may or may not assign a 'Member text'.
  • Click OK.
  • Click on 'Transfer data to iSeries'.

    3. Go to the iSeries green screen and locate the member.

    4. Specify '2' on the member and press F4 to bring up the STRSEU prompt.

    5. Specify the correct source type, press Enter.

    6. On the SEU edit screen, determine the number of characters (n) to move (to the right or to the left). Type RRn (block shift n characters to the right) or LLn (block shift n characters to the left) on the first sequence number line, type B at the SEU command line and press Enter. Complete the block command by typing RR or LL (whichever is applicable) on the last sequence number line. Press Enter.

    That's it, no piece meal work.

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