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Easy code copying via the drag and drop method

Learn haow code copying can be a lot easier using the drag and drop method.

Code copying can be a lot easier using the drag and drop method than by any other means. What we need are two open...

windows, one containing the source and the other for the destination. A mouse drag and drop will carry out the rest.

If the windows we need are not open yet, then let's start by going through the following steps:

  • Launch the Client Access Operations Navigator
  • In the Operations Navigator window, open the desired connection and navigate to File Systems >> Integrated File System >> QSYS.LIB >> aaaLib.LIB >> xxxRPGSRC.FILE
  • Open the window up to the PC folder of your source file, drag the source file ( my example below uses member.MBR ) and then drop it to the xxxRPGSRC.FILE folder of the Operations Navigator window.


  • aaaLib is the name of the target library, xxxRPGSRC is the name of the target source physical file under aaaLib
  • In the AS400 File Systems, a library has a name extension of .LIB; a source physical file has a name extension of .FILE; and a source member has the name extension of .MBR


    Below are explorer view screenshots of a PC folder and the Operations Navigator. The red arrow shows the direction of the drag and drop action.


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  • This was last published in November 2004

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