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Easy code copying the EDTF way

It is possible to copy directly from the integrated file system.

It is possible to copy directly from the integrated file system.

Make sure that the network NetServer is up and running.

In this example, the code to upload reside in a shared folder on your PC as text file. The folder needs to be shared so the iSeries can access it.

On the iSeries enter EDTF FILE(<your Library)/<your source file>) MBR(<your source member>)

- Type A in the prefix area (just like SEU) to mark the target line.

- Use F15=Services to get to the "EDTF Options Screen"

- Enter the path to your text file and use option 1 (just like SEU) (for example /qntc/<yourPC>/<your shared folder>/<your text file>)

After all this work.... just press Enter and relax.

Note: This is tested on V5R2 and the PC is Window XP professional.


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