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Easy code copying

Easy code copying -- without the messy copying and pasting.

Ever see a program (RPG or CL) on the Web that you want to install on your system where the author meant for you to copy and paste it to SEU? Well that's alright for a few lines of code but try to copy and paste something big in SEU and you will be forced to do it peace meal. The good news is that if you have CODE400 then doing a COPY and PASTE of any number of lines from a Web page is easy.

First start CODE400, click the NEW button in the tool bar and select a source type like CLLE, RPGLE, etc. in the pop-up window and click OK. Select all of the lines from the Web page displayed on your screen, click COPY (CTRL C) from the Web page then click PASTE in CODE400. Now all of the lines are in the source member. From here you can click SAVE to save it to the iSeries or edit and compile it and you're done. No messy copying and pasting.


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