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E-mail or save spool files from your desktop

Send e-mail or save your spool files from your desktop.

Send e-mail or save your spool files from your desktop.

1. Open Client Access AS/400 Operations Navigator. Click on Start, Programs, IBM AS/400 Client Access Express, AS/400 Operations Navigator

2. Click on the "+" beside the proper connection to open the submenu.

3. Click on Basic Operations

4. Click on Printer Output

5. Drag the spooled file onto your desktop

6. From here you can save it or attach it to an e-mail.

Note: Azmat Bhatti's shop uses an ERP product called Movex by Intentia. According to Azmat, users use the printer output (Operations Navigator) to print, save and e-mail their spool files. This way they find it easier to maintain their spool files.


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