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E-commerce sites run by AS/400s

E-commerce sites run by AS/400s

By Tim Ouellette

For AS/400 shops that are thinking about taking the plunge into e-commerce but are unsure of which direction to go, a good way to get started is to view other sites on the Internet already run by AS/400s.

These sites provide good examples of how the AS/400 can handle the complex tasks needed to manage a large, e-commerce Web site, while at the same time hosting a good-looking and dynamic Web site.

According to a report by Aberdeen Group, Inc. in Boston, the AS/400e is well suited to Internet commerce, and AS/400 shops should take notice. "The AS/400e's prevalence as the engine for many enterprises' back-office applications and databases makes it ideally suited to link those applications to a Web site," the report states.

For example, the sites listed below are managed by traditional business applications tailored to the Internet. For those AS/400 shops worried about what to do on the Internet, these sites prove that applications in place on the AS/400 can be transferred to the World Wide Web without too much trouble.

Crest Steel Corp., Carson, Calif.
Users can purchase steel products online at this site. These are specially treated steel items (bent, heated, cut, coated, etc.) tailored to the specific needs of customers.

Denis Welch Motors Ltd., Buxton on Trent, U.K.
Austin Healey enthusiasts can purchase special car parts on this site.

Premier Yachts, Inc., Chicago
This site provides information and online reservations for luxury dinner and entertainment cruises in Chicago, Boston and Washington, D.C.

COMMOM user group, Chicago
The popular AS/400 and midrange user group's Web site features tons of information, a good design and online registration to its conferences.

AS/400 Web server sites
This Web site features an extensive list of links to sites that are run by AS/400s. The links have not been checked, but it is a great launching point for more research on AS/400 e-commerce sites.

Ouellette is a freelance writer in Scarborough, Maine.

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