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Drag and drop printer output to PC

Here's a simple method for getting a spool file to a PC to be converted to a simple text file.

With e-mail's being used as our primary mode of communication these days we always wished if there were simpler...

methods of taking a AS/400 spool file and attaching them to the e-mail.

Have you ever called support and the person on the other side request a spooled joblog for analysis and you wished I could get him the file in one clean step without going thru the process of CRTPF and then CPYSPLF?

Haven't you wished to copy the raw text spooled files from the AS/400 and use it on your favorite PC desktop applications like Microsoft Office or Lotus Smart Suite?

Here is a very simple method of getting a spool file to the PC to be converted to a simple text file, which could be used, for attachments to e-mails or browsing on the PC or to manipulate the data on any other third-party programs.

Open Operations Navigator on your Windows 95/98/Me/NT/or 2000 Desktop. Operations Navigator is the graphical user interface for managing your iSeries?and AS/400 servers. Operations Navigator makes operation and administration of the server easier and more productive. Operations Navigator is installed with the IBM Client Access Express for Windows (5769-XE1) or IBM Client Access for Windows? 95/NT (5763-XD1). You do not need Client Access license to run the Basic operations functions.

1. Select Printer Output under the Basic Operations hierarchical tree.

2. Highlight the desired output file. Drag and drop the output file to any open area of the desktop. A desktop icon is created for the output file.

Different users or outputq can be selected by clicking on Options and then Include. By default the current users spool files are shown.

Happy spooling!

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