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Does e-mail distribution from the iSeries 400 frustrate you?

With e-office becoming more a reality and iSeries offering flexible tools to achieve it, this tip will be of great use.

If e-mail distribution sent from iSeries 400 arrives at the destination as different packets(one long message split...

up into several messages - and leads to frustration), then the best solution is to set the server attributes correctly. To do this use the CHGPOPA(change pop server attributes) command to set the MSGSPLIT(message split size) parameter to *NOMAX. You don't need to bring the POP server down and up to activate this change. The changes are effective immediately. The next time you send e-mail from the iSeries, you should see your message being delivered as one, instead of several.


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The best way to handle server traffic is to monitor the distributions and maintain a log, try this method. Use QRYDST command and set the outfile parameter to EMAILOG in any library you want. Also set up the options parameter to *OUT(monitor email distributions going out from the iSeries) and set the user ID whose distributions need to be monitored. Every e-mail distribution gets logged in there with data and time stamp. Last of all, the best way to find if an e-mail distribution to a local or remote address has been successful is to monitor the QMSF job. Goto WRKSBS *all or wrksbs qsyswrk. All the e-mail jobs are handled by the above subsystem and more specifically by the sub system job QMSF. There will be 3 QMSF jobs running. If any of them fails, you know for certain you need to restart them. Hope this will help track all e-mail distributions from the iSeries and visualize the power of iSeries applications and system development.

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