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Display/print current software license keys

Learn a better alternative to retrieving your installed license keys information.

A better alternative to retrieving your installed license keys information is to call the software inventory pgm...

QSFWINV residing in library QSYS. On any command line issue the following command: CALL QSFWINV and press ENTER to display the Installed Software Information. Then press F-11 key to display the license information. To produce a spool report of the same, you may also use the below: CALL QSFWINV *PRINT If you do not have this pgm on your machine, contact your local IBM center to download a version of the same. Very helpful in looking at the installed software license keys along with the machine serial#, processor group, product-ID, version, feature code, description, expiration date etc. especially if you have more than one AS/400 machine.


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