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Display data in graph form on the 400

Have you ever wanted to display data in graph form (bar chart) on the iSeries? Well, here is a simple way to do just that.

Have you ever wanted to display data in graph form (bar chart) on the iSeries? Well, here is a simple way to do...

just that.

The data can be manipulated to display in graph form by using a subfile. The subfile that is setup below is a 16 row by 62 column subfile in which the data is displayed. The data that is displayed for this example is price data by date and is represented by 30 variables corresponding to the number of days.

All indicators within the display area are set to off. Reading through the data file will determine the incremental high and low values that are loaded to two arrays over 15 rows. These are then used to be compared to the price data from the file. When the value from the file is between incremental values of high and lows an indicator is turned on to highlight that variable (@SA01 -- @SA30) for each row in the subfile. When the data has been read a bar chart graph will be displayed.

A value will be displayed on every 3rd row for clarity rather than every row for the y-axis values. The value displayed is an incremental value that is calculated using the difference between the high and the low divided by 15 (@SCALE variable in the subfile).

The x-axis values for this purpose is just the short form of the date displayed. The first letter of the month is displayed with a slash and then the day number. Every 5th day is displayed starting at day 1,6,11 and so on.

I have used colors as well as negative and positive numbers to show the versatility and range of the graph that can be displayed.

This graph could be used to display the comparison between actual costs and budget or stock price values over a certain period.


Display graph DDS (DSPGRAPH)

Datafile for use with the display graph program (DSPGRAPH)

Display Graph program DSPGRAPH

Screen shot of what the graph looks like

This was last published in April 2002

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