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Disable user profiles

IBM has a great way to automatically disable profiles that have not been in use for a specified time. There are two commands to use, the first is ANZPRFACT; type it on the command line with a user profile that has *ALLOBJ and prompt it up. Specify the number of days that you want the profile to be inactive before the system disables it. IBM profiles are exempt from this command, so you will not disable any IBM supplied profiles.

If you created a profile that you want to be exempt and not disabled, run this command CHGACTPRFL and prompt it. On the User Profile option type the name of the profile to be exempt. The Action option has *ADD or *REMOVE. If *ADD is specified the user will not be disabled do to inactivity. The *REMOVE is used when you change your mind and would like a profile to be disabled again due to inactivity.

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